Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Tell us about your Dive Bar!

What makes a dive bar so special? You do!

bar tee shirts
We love our job. We love what we do. We love seeing pictures of dive bars and designing dive bar t shirts. We love trying to capture the essence of the bar, the ambiance of the atmosphere, the warmth of the location. We know that these aren’t just dive bars. These are places that are special to you. This is where you go when you have nothing else to do. This is where you go when you have too much to do. And so we love designing and wearing our dive bar t shirts. Be proud of your dive bar. Be proud to wear your dive bar t shirts.

One of the best parts of our job is the community. We couldn’t do what we do without you. Your experiences in the bar and shared with us are translated into the design of the shirt, capturing the class, or the lack thereof, of the dive bar. We love hearing about the little details of the decorations on the wall, the special glasses that are served, the microbrews that are featured. Your dive bars are part of your lives, and our bar tee shirts help to share the experience.

Where is your favorite dive bar?

dive bar t shirts
We know that our community is more than that, though. Our community is not just our local dive bar, but all dive bars everywhere. We wear our bar tee shirts to be part of the larger community of dive bars. We wear our bar tee shirts to share the experience of places that we have yet visited. To know where to go to get a drink when visiting new places and meeting new friends.

Dive bars are more than just a location. They are a way of life and we celebrate that life. So here’s to dive bars! Here’s to beer! Here’s to greasy spoons! To pub food! To small bathrooms and questionable stalls! Here’s to the salt of the earth, the heart of the US Heartland, the soul of our nation! Here’s to dive bars and to dive bar t shirts!

So join today and be proud to wear your shirts and represent dive bars everywhere in our nation.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

More reasons to join!

...Where Everybody Knows Your Name

T Shirt Club
Everyone has their own “Cheers” they like to go to afterword before heading home. It may not be anything fancy or extravagant, but it is the place where you can relax and have a glass of beer or perhaps some pub food before heading home for the night and taking on your evening responsibilities. Everyone has a bar they call “their” bar, a bar they call “home”. Our club is designed specifically for places like these, commemorating the special bars and places found throughout our nation that is part of the fabric and tradition that makes us great.

We specialized in providing dive bar shirts to our members to commemorate these bars. Our dive bar shirts change every month, are featured only once, and then retired. The idea is simple, but the love of the dive bar is forever remembered in our club’s dive bar shirts.

From Wikipedia: "...A 1961 dictionary defined a 'dive' as 'a disreputable resort for drinking or entertainment'." LOL!

t shirt of the month
Most of these bars don’t supply their own bar t shirts, and as such unless someone is a native of the area they will never know about how down-to-earth the service can be. Without one of bar t shirts most will never know how greasy and perfect the food can be while enjoying a cold beer, discussing our lives and the news, while perhaps enjoying a bit to eat.

Our bar t shirts are taken straight from submissions to our website and our social media account. When we decide to feature a dive bar we’ll add a few pictures to our website that displays the bar for everyone to see. Our shirts are made to reflect the images and the motifs of the bar and the area. We do everything we can to capture the magic of the place so that the dive bar shirt is as comfortable and familiar as the dive bar itself.

Join today to receive a shirt every month. Submit pictures and stories to our website for a chance to have your bar featured on one of our products. We are always looking to celebrate dive bars and the communities that create them. Wear your shirts with pride and represent the best places in America.

Friday, May 17, 2013

More than just a t shirt!

More T Shirts Than You Can Shake A Stick At!

So you like our unique and exclusive t-shirts that feature a different dive bar from somewhere in the United States that are delivered to your door monthly? Who doesn't like getting super cool swag? Nobody we know of, that's for sure! While we believe that we have the absolute best t shirt club in the world, we do like to give a shout out to others in our industry and that is why we recommend taking a look at these other blogs in the t shirt universe! Our job could not be possible without these other fine bloggers and entrepreneurs who help make the t shirt business one of the most unique in the clothing industry!

TeeHunter.com is a great blog to follow to see the hottest trends in unique and custom t shirt printing. The posts are smartly written and there are plenty of resources available for you to find exactly what you are looking for. But maybe you'd prefer something more than just a simple t shirt -though we don't know who would! :) Check out Hide Your Arms for the web's best selection of Tees and hoodies featuring various pop culture images and phrases.

When you're all done checking out the goods these blogs have to offer, check out the other 98 entries in the 100 best T-shirt blogs list at http://t-shirtblo.gs/ and feast your eyes!